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Who Is Fusion Solutions?

Fusion Solutions creates Continuity between you and your customers with our Hands On Approach to the specialized field of fiber optic systems. Our clean and professional technicians use a common sense approach to building and maintaining your network while using the most reliable, state of the art technology.

Fusion solutions keeps you connected!

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Has your company considered switching to a fiber optic infrastructure for your networking and telecommunications operations? Call us about how we differ from the competition in both products and services. I think you will be surprised.

Why Choose Fiber Optic Cabling?

Safe and Secure Data transmission

codeFiber Optic Cable is Awesome. It’s the fastest, cleanest type of last-mile network connectivity, easily surpassing copper and cable.

It’s also very secure, since it doesn’t have an electromagnetic field, which could be read by surveillance equipment. Fusion Solutions offers the best service-level agreements with fiber, including the fastest mean time to repair (MTTR), which makes it ideal for handling mission-critical data. For a growing business, fiber is an excellent choice because you can flexibly scale your bandwidth.

Although copper is a great medium for conducting electricity, it is not a closed system, which means electromagnetic or radio interference can negatively affect it. High levels of interference will reduce signal strength and risk cutting the signal entirely.

Glass and plastic fiber optic lines are more insulated against outside interference, making their signal much more secure. This is especially important where sensitive information requires the highest security and safe transmission. Financial institutions, medical practices and facilities are prime examples of sectors utilizing fiber optic technology.

5 Reasons To Consider


Stable In Any Environment

Fiber cable can be installed next to industrial equipment without worry. It is less susceptible to temperature fluctuations and can be submerged in water.

Built To Last

Fiber is lightweight, thin, and more durable than copper cable. Plus, fiber optic cable has up to 10 times greater durability during installation than copper cable.


Less Interference / Less Signal Loss

Fiber Optics are immune to electrometric interference and radio-frequency interference (EMI/RFI), crosstalk, impedance problems, and more.

The fiber optic signal is made of light, therefore very little signal loss occurs during transmission and data can move at higher speeds and greater distances.


Faster Transmissions, Greater Bandwidth

More bandwidth means fiber can carry more information with greater fidelity than copper wire, with standardized performance up to 10 Gps and beyond.

Relative Speed by the Numbers (Mb/sec.)


DSL Speed


Cable Speed


Fiber Optic Speed


T1 Speed

What We Do

  • Professional Installation

    Each of our certified network cabling installation technicians understand the importance of customer satisfaction. We guarantee your structured cabling service project will be completed on time to the highest standards of excellence!

  • Attention To Detail

    Your Fiber Network project will be carefully designed, planned, and explored to deliver the safest, strongest connections on each end. This meticulous attention to detail leaves each of our customers confident in their system reliability.

  • Standards for Quality and Performance

    Fusion Solutions follows standards for installation and performance as set in the FOA manual for our industry. These standards have been set by members and represent the best materials, hardware, software, and procedures for your business.

  • Pro-Active Monitoring & Maintenance

    Proactive Maintenance is a process to ensure that the fiber optic network continues to perform to meet the clients requirements in their present operating environment.

  • Preventive Monitoring and Maintenance

    The primary goal of monitoring is to avoid the consequences of failure in a network and to assure network reliability by replacing any degraded components before they actually fail, including partial or complete overhauls at specified periods.

  • Reactive Monitoring & Repair

    Service disruptions can be caused by a myriad of things. Power outages, network element failure and fiber failure/breaks are all common problems. To combat these issues, redundancy, backup power, and network management systems have been deployed for many years.

  • General Performance Checks

    Six basic test procedures measure distance, fiber loss, event loss, link loss, event-return loss and link-return loss.

  • Transmission Hardware Checks

    To assure the signal integrity is maintained, Fusion Solutions checks for signal power, connection integrity, wavelength specifications and reliability.

  • Receiver Hardware Checks

    In addition to checking the receiver performance, we verify the cable efficiency by testing for signal loss due to absorbtion, scattering and bending of the optical cable.

Technical Information

Installation & Construction Services

  • Pathway Installation - Cable Tray, Cable Ladder, EMT, Metallic Raceway, Custom Enclosures
  • Rack and Cabinet Installation - Complete Data Centers to Telecommunications Rooms / Closets
  • Installation of: Work Station Cabling, Backbone Cabling, Data Center System Interconnect Cabling
  • Outside Plant (OSP) Underground Pathway Construction and Aerial/Overhead Cable Construction
  • Fiber Optic & Copper Cabling - Termination, Splicing, and Testing
  • Audio Visual Systems and Cabling Installation

Performance Testing & Documentation Services

  • Complete Structured Cabling System Performance Evaluation -
  • Network Cabling Speed Verification, Fiber Optic and Twisted Pair Certification Testing
  • As-built Documentation of Structured Cabling System + AutoCAD Drafting & Cable Mgmt. Software
  • Cabinet, Rack, and Work Station "Clean-up" Services
  • Reorganize Patching and Cable Management
  • Identify and Label/Re-label all Termination Panels, Equipment, and Work Area Outlets

Our Staff and Vendors

Our Staff

Our teams are specialized all ISP and OSP fiber optic installation requirements including fusion terminating, and certifying. In addition, we are fully equipped for all CAT5e, and CAT6 installation and certification. As for OSP fiber optics repairs and maintenance in both underground and aerial plant environments, all of our equipment is certified for use yearly from the manufacturers we purchase from.

Our Vendors and Suppliers

  • EXPO-CDWM OTDR, EXPO OSA and Signal Generators
  • Ciena and Juniper switches and routers
  • “Turn-Key” Metro E systems
  • SCTE Broadband transport Certification

We only Use AFL Fujikura splicers and Turn Key Business Solutions Systems

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Please send us an email or call us if you have questions regarding fiber optic networking and if you are ready to make the change.

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